Texas datahack is an all day competition hosted by MLDS and Convergent where you can put your data science, coding, and creativity skills to the test and create a meaningful project with real world data. You will get to explore and manipulate interesting data sets to figure out how to make a social impact. Food and prizes will be supplied, and we will also have workshops the week of the event to prepare you for the competition, so if you are new to data science, don't let that discourage you from applying, all majors are welcome.




8:00am - Breakfast - Taco Deli

8:30am - Kick-off

9:00am - Get to work!

9:30am - Oracle Cloud Workshop (Optional - EER 0.810)

12:00pm - Lunch - Hoa Hoa

12:30pm - Teza Workshop (Optional - EER 0.810)

3:15-4:15pm - Judges’ office hours

4:30pm - Reports due

5:30pm - Winners Announced

6:00pm - Event Ends

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$7,250 in prizes

First Place

Scholarship/prizes worth $1000 + Oracle Cloud Credits worth $2500


Scholarship/prizes worth $750 + Oracle Cloud Credits worth $1500

Best Visualization

Scholarship/prizes worth $500 + Oracle Cloud Credits worth $1000

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sponsor representatives and select UT professors

Sponsor representatives and select UT professors

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How much did you differ from the rest of the reports seen? What new things did you try that haven’t been done before?
  • Social impact
    How much were you aware of the implications of your work. How much social good can come from your insights?
  • Insights into the data
    What did you discover? How well did you get to know the data? What questions did you ask and answer?
  • Technical mastery
    What skills did you use? How technically complex was your project? How well did you pull it off?

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